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Artist Statement




“My compositions are based on repetitive elements that offer different interpretations of the same subject, through which dialogue geometry, surface, material and color, all powered by the light and shadow effects,  that give my work a sculptural aspect. They are living works inhabited by shadows; compositions with reliefs that become the stage of light and shadows. I’m searching sobriety, simplicity and balance…

Much Importance is given to geometry in the design of work: Squares as carriers that transmit balance and harmony; rectangles of aureal proportions in the background, and these repeated elements... series of horizontal or vertical towers following compositional criteria of architectural facade. Geometry within geometry. The monochrome paintings, which evolve to pure white, can approach the Italian Spatialism current and could be related to certain works of  the Spanish artist Gerardo Rueda, in what has been called Constructivist Abstraction.”

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